Useful recipes made with the essential oils of BioAroma


All of the essential oils of Bioaroma can be used in a variety of ways, be it alone or combined. The production method that is used makes them completely harmless, thusly every stage of their production, from the cultivation to the distillation, is defined by its purity.

The essential oils vary, depending on their properties and use. They are extracted through the process of distillation from an aromatic plant or herb that usually bears the same name. Each plant contains different properties which are preserved in the essential oil that is created through its distillation.

These properties have many health benefits and can be used in many ways to improve our well-being, as well as a treatment for various ailments, with incredible results. Below you will find some secrets on how to use them:


Essential oils for a headache

We all know how annoying a headache or a migraine can be in our everyday life. For a natural and effective relief use the following essential oils:


4 drops Peppermint oil,

6 drops of Lemon oil,

6 drops Lavender oil

With the mixture of essential oils created, massage the temples, the forehead and the area around the ears. Relax and let the healing properties give you relief once and for all.


Essential oils for cellulite

The number one enemy for women is cellulite. What would you say if you could get rid of it with only a little massage with the use of essential oils? We'll tell you exactly how:


8 drops Cypress oil

12 drops of Juniper oil,

6 drops Rosemary oil,

4 drops Lavender oil

in 50 ml of Almond oil or moisturizer.

Apply this mixture by massaging the affected area. Apply pressure with your palm in circular motions, always towards the heart. Do this daily and in a short time you will enjoy the results.


Essential oils for arthritis - rheumatism

These chronic diseases affect thousands of people, the use of essential oils gives way to a very unique and adequate relief that revitalizes the affected areas of the body, in a simple and healthy manner:


12 drops of Dittany oil,

10 drops of Juniper oil,

8 drops Pine tree oil

in 50 ml of Almond oil or moisturizer, or 10 drops of the above mixture in a 1/2 cup of water and apply as a compress.

Spread gently and avoid massaging the painful joints or place a compress with the mixture on the affected areas and let it sit overnight.


Essential oils for muscle pain

A sedentary life-style, sore muscles from the gym or manual labor are some reasons for muscle aches or back pains. You will see a noted difference to the areas affected by pain, doing the following:


10 drops of Thyme oil

10 drops of Juniper oil,

10 drops of Oregano oil

in 50g of almond oil or moisturizer.

Massage the pain affected areas with the mixture or add a few drops of it to your bath water.


Essential oils for a relaxing massage

Sometimes the tensions of the day, the stress and the daily running around, do not allow our body to relax at all. Besides that, we all need some relaxation time, essential oils allow us to give ourselves this wonderful gift , through an ultimate relaxing massage ...

Mix :

8 drops Lavender oil,

6 drops Juniper oil,

8 drops Tangerine oil,

8 drops Orange oil ,

in 50g of almond oil or moisturizer .

This is the perfect mixture for completely relaxation... Allow your body to rest by massaging the shoulders, but even if you do not have that luxury, feel the aura of relaxation by putting the above mixture in an essential oil burner.


Essential oils for varicose veins - hemorrhoids

There are no words to describe the discomfort and pain that someone faces when suffering from hemorrhoids. Relieve and treat hemorrhoids and also eliminate varicose veins with the help of the following essential oils.

Mix :

6 drops of Lemon oil,

10 drops Cypress oil,

10 drops of Juniper oil,

5 drops of Peppermint oil

in 50g of almond oil or moisturizer or 10 drops of the above mixture in a 1/2 cup of water and use as a compress.

Spread over the affected area by using the palms of your hand and applying pressure from your ankles to your thighs or place cold compresses.


Essential oils for sniffles - colds

Treat your colds and sniffles and protect yourself and your children in a perfectly natural and healthy manner without resorting to drugs.

Mix :

10 drops of Eucalyptus oil ,

10 drops of Thyme oil

10 drops of Peppermint oil

in 50g of almond oil or moisturizer.

Do inhalations with a few drops on a handkerchief or in a hot cup of water. Massage into chest and back.


Essential oils for hair - tonic


10 drops Sage oil,

10 drops of Rosemary oil,

10 drops Bay leaf oil.

Apply a few drops of the mixture to your shampoo and use daily.