Sage - Organic Cretan Herb (Loose Leaf) 50gr



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On a mountain slope near Agios Nikolaos Crete, Bioaroma's organic farm contains over 500,000 herbs and plants. The soil's exceptional morphology, altitude and fertility made it the ideal place to cultivate our herbs. Our farm is blessed with unique climatic conditions, as the crossroad of Mediterranean winds creating optimal microclimatic conditions to produce authentic beverages with rich flavors and aromas. Each herb leaf is carefully cut by the skillful hands of centuries-old local-art successors who have passed it from generation to generation, on our island since the Minoan era.

Sage is known as the plant of immortality. The scientific name "salvia" comes from the word salvere, meaning "I am healthy It stimulates the body and assists with colds. It has a diuretic effect that helps eliminate excess fluid from the body and decreases orange peel appearance.  Avoid during pregnancy. It does not provide any advice on health care. Please see a medical professional about any health concerns you may encounter. 

Precautions: Avoid during pregnancy. It does not provide any advice on health care.


* From organic agriculture

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Johanniskraut 25gr 1+1 Free


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