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Tour programs for tourists

BioAroma : The paradise of your senses

Crete is a botanical paradise. Studies reveal that it has one of the richest ecosystems of Europe. Because of the suitable climatic conditions and the quality of ground it produces a large number of pharmaceutical and aromatic plants from which many are endemic, that is to say that exist only in Crete.

4.500 years ago, the Minoans of ancient Crete were the first people in all over the world that used to collect various herbs and make aromatic oils and herbal creams for their kings and queens. BioAroma, the first and unique Park-Museum-Distillery of Cretan herbs in the country, continues that long term Minoan tradition and as a newly-founded production unit of essential oils and handmade herbal cosmetics

In our place we have created also a very interesting museum of Cretan herbs and herbal products and a unique herbal garden with 40 different Cretan pharmaceutical and aromatic plants where we organize a variety of exciting activities for our visitors.


BioAroma Tour Program (1-1,5 hours, 20-50 persons )

1) Guests' welcome

2) Tour in the distillation unit and handmade herbal cosmetics laboratories. Live-watch of herbs distillation in a traditional copper distiller.

3) Tour in our herbal garden, where they can see 40 different species of Cretan herbs and also admire their therapeutic uses. There is also a small snail-garden that they can see.

4) Video watch/PowerPoint presentation. Through a short PowerPoint presentation we inform our visitors about Cretan herbs and their collection, their importance in the life of Cretan people and their uses, based on traditional recipes. In addition, we show them a short video to watch the unique steam distillation of the wild herbs of Crete and we explain them step by step the whole procedure of producind the essential oils and the way that they can use them.

5) Tour in the museum of Cretan herbs. The visitors will have there the chance to see a variety of photos of the endemic flowers, edible plants and rare orchids of Crete, to see the traditional way, and of course the tools, that old people used to use to make the carob syrup and to collect dittany and labdanum, the two most important herbs of Crete. And speaking of old people we couldn't miss the chance to speak about our ancestors, the Minoan people, who were the first cosmetic producers in all over the world.

6) Tour in the small folklore museum, where they can see the traditional way of coloring textiles with herbal dyes, the weaving in the loom and many other agricultural tools.

7) Treat with ice teas with cretan herbs and carob-syrup

We would like to inform you that in our park there is a shop where visitors can find our 100% handmade natural cosmetics (face and body creams, peeling, face masks e.t.c), olive oil soaps, massage oils, essential oils, herbs, aromatic candles e.t.c.

Extra activity ( 1 hour, for 15-20 persons)

Traditional olive oil soap , handmade therapeutic beeswax cream, perfume making: Visitors learn how to make their own homemade olive oil soap , a 100% natural therapeutic cream with no preservatives, only by using olive oil, beeswax, herbs, essential oils e.t.c. and a perfume.

At the end the visitors take the soap, the cream and the perfume.

You can visit the botanical garden, the botanical museum or the distillery, individually or in groups.

Opening hours: daily except Sunday from 09:00 to 16:00



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