Dittany and Labdanum.

The treasures from the Cretan land are the base of all the Bioaroma products.

      The holiest creation of the Minoans was dittany placed in olive oil, used as an offering to their gods, and Labdanum resin, which was used in their creams and burned as incense.

      Utilizing the unique properties of these products, we have used them as a base for all of our products.



Dittany which is only found in Crete is the crown of Cretan herbs with the most healing properties. Dittany’s essential oil has:

- Healing and firming properties

- Tonic, antiseptic and antispasmodic action.

- It is ideal for the healing of open wounds (Aristotle said that when the wild goats in Psiloriti were wounded by the poisoned arrows of hunters, they would chew dittany and lick their wounds thus discarding the arrows and closing their wounds!! )

- Soothes the digestive system, and is used against colds and the flu.

- Posses antispasmodic action and can help in the management and prevention of cardiovascular and circulatory problems.

- It is known to provide relief from headaches, abscesses, upset stomach and toothaches.

- Also one of the important effects it has is that of an aphrodisiac (Here in Crete it is also referred to as "eronta", meaning “love-passion”).


“Aladanos” or Labdanum

The resin of the Labdanum plant is extracted exclusively in a unique way from the Labdanum plant on our island. Essentially, it is the sap from the Labdanum plant that is collected.

This takes place every summer under the hot sun as the plant secretes its’ resin drop by drop, which is then collected with special leather strips. The plant is beaten with these strips and the resin sticks to them and is extracted. The Labdanum plant or Labdanum is specifically known worldwide for:

- The firming and anti-aging properties

- It is considered one of the strongest resins - frankincense from antiquity and is still used in perfumery today.

- The aroma is very rich and powerful and

- We use it for protection, strength and spiritual evolution.