GARDENIA Eau de parfum / 30ml



GARDENIA Eau de parfum



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Gardenia is the evidence that great “noses” are not only being born in France. Its name is given more  due to what Gerdenia represents and less for the scent. Its instigator’s need  was to create a scent for the colour white and what it stands for. Enclosed in a little bottle you can find nostalgia and chastity, unconcern and care. The first impression is the scent of talc and neatness. As the time pass, more female elements are highlighted, since Gardenia and Jasmine are coming to the surface. Its accord, featured by poudre vanilla offers a feeling of sensuousness, while the elegant gardenia and the Jasmine absolute are blending in a dance with motifs so complicated that would make green with envy even the most dainty lace. 

GARDÉNIA:  Powder notes, Jasmine absolute, Gardenia

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