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MENTOR is a Musky/Woody fragrance for men. Tenderness of a strong man and the furious possessiveness that slowly burns in every Alpha - Male, entangled in a delirium of conflicting

emotions. As the heat and the rush fade away, what remains is passion, serenity and confidence that all men with self-reliance must have. Warmth of sweet vanilla, sensual amber and woody vetiver are giving birth to a rich and loving scent. Charming and earthy, MENTOR, creates a veil of elegance and luxury around those who wear it, while at the same time remains cheerfull. The ultimate expression of masculinity for modern men, which shows the path one has to follow in order to achieve success in all areas. A strong push to reach the top.

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Природные Духи для тела для мужчин (75ml)

Природные Духи для тела для мужчин (75ml)

Природные Духи для тела для мужчин

с диким кедром & критской душицы 

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