SAPON workshop


SAPON workshop


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Timetable:  Every Wednesday & Friday 10:00-14:00  

Participation fee: 1- 5 people: 40 euros/person

                            5 - 10 people: 30 euros/person

                           over 10 people: 25 euros/person

Kids: 20 euros  

maximum number of participants: 20 people

In case you are a group of 20 people, we will be able to make two groups, since two workshops can be held at the same time, but in different rooms. The price for a group over 10 people (maximum 20) will be 25 euros/person. 


This course aims to provide participants with a detailed view of the therapeutic properties and traditional uses of cretan herbs & olive oil. A blind smell test of different essential oils and the preparation of an aromatic herbal tea makes participants more acquaint with the herbal cretan treasures.


Finally, the participants have the unique chance to produce and take with, their own pure olive oil soap with cretan herbs and natural essential oils. 


Content of “ SAPON” workshop


a) Meeting of participants with their guide tour

b) Tour inside the Bioaroma’s Production Area.

c) Garden Tour

Through a tour in our botanical garden, guests come in first contact with cretan herbs which they can touch and smell, while learning about their basic healing properties.

e) Participants prepare their own tea with cretan herbs.

f) Museum tour: In our museum, participants get more detailed information about the herbs and their use since the Minoan era.

e) Production of olive oil soaps: Participants prepare aromatic soaps of olive oil with herbs and natural essential oils which they take with them after finishing the workshop.


We understand that schedules change and we will do our best to accommodate your needs. Since your seminar time is reserved especially for you, we kindly ask you to give a minimum of 5 hours' cancellation notice so that someone else may enjoy that time. Cancellations made within 5 hours will be subject to the full charge of the seminar booked. 


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SAPON workshop

SAPON workshop

SAPON workshop

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