ELAEON: Avocado- Organic, Pure Cold Pressed Oil 100ml



pure, cold pressed oil / for face, body & hair


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The avocado oil is produced in Crete by using cold pressed extraction of its fruits. It is a rich texture oil with beneficial properties on skin. Suitable to be used on face, body & hair. It is used in aromatherapy as a base carrier oil diluting essential oils (15–25 drops of ess. oils into 100 ml avocado oil). Ideal for dry & sensitive skin.

Face: Apply, day & night, 2 drops of oil after your face serum for its revitalizing effect.
Body: Apply a small amount of oil onto wet skin after shower, to reinforce the skin's natural elasticity.
Hair: Apply 1–2 drops of oil on dry hair ends for beautiful and silky hair. No rinsing is required.

Avoid contact with eyes. In case of irritation, rinse thoroughly with water and discontinue use. For external use.

* From organic agriculture.
** Natural components of pure essential oils.

Compositions100 gr
volume100 ml


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    ELAEON: Castor oil. Pure, cold pressed oil. For hair & eyelashes 100% organic

    ELAEON: Castor oil. Pure, cold pressed oil. For hair & eyelashes 100% organic

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