Dittany - Organic Cretan Herb (Loose Leaf) 50gr



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creating optimal microclimatic conditions to produce authentic beverages with rich flavors and aromas. Each herb leaf is carefully cut by the skillful hands of centuries-old local-art successors who have passed it from generation to generation, on our island since the Minoan era.

Dittany is the king of Cretan herbs, because of its rich properties. Native only to the mountains of Crete, dittany, is derived from the Greek words "Diktis" and "thamnus" meaning the bush of mountain Dikti. In Cretan dialect it is also known as Erondas, which is actually a derivation fron the word "eros" the name of the Greek God of love. Dittany is a love symbol and shows sexual desire and fertility. Dittany acts as an effective antioxidant in the human body due to its high proportion of pyophenols and is a plant that stimulates the digestive system, ie an extremely useful herb for those who have poor digestion. Avoid during pregnancy. It does not provide any advice on health care. Please see a medical professional about any health concerns you may encounter. 

Precautions: Avoid during pregnancy. It does not provide any advice on health care.

Δίκταμος/Dittany (ORIGANUM DICTAMNUS)*

* From organic agriculture

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Осока (Бальзам Крит) 25gr 1+1 Free

Осока (Бальзам Крит) 25gr 1+1 Free

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